Red Suricata Family Beach Sunshade & 2 Beverage Holders Bundle – Sun Shade Canopy | UPF50 UV Protection | Tent with 4 Aluminum Poles & 4 Pole Anchors (Medium, Turquoise)

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Price: $182.95
(as of Nov 22,2020 22:06:32 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Want to Know the Best Way to Stay in the Shade the Entire Day?

The All-New Improved 2020 Lycra Beach Sun Shade Tent together with 2 beverage holders

New Unique Feature – Improved Stability in Windy Conditions!!!

It’s cool, easy to set up and perfect for spending time outdoors with friends and family. Red Suricata Tent Canopies are the ultimate choice for Your Vacations, Picnics, and Days Outdoors.


Selection of vivid colors to choose from – canopy, sand bags and matching aluminum poles! New January 2020 Release – a new color (pink) in addition to our 7 traditional colors (blue, red, turquoise, purple, orange, grey & black)2 Beverage Holders – New 2020 – Add on accessory for attaching to canopy poles. Easily attached to any pole at any height. Suitable for one cup, bottle or can of beverage.4 Folding Aluminum Poles – Unique pointed, staked poles and secure plastic ball topNew 2020 – Larger plastic ball tops provide improved grip on canopy + rope with drawstring to affix position of pole top!New 2020 – Even the medium size canopies now feature full height (6.6″) poles – same as the large canopies!4 Pole Anchor Screws – New 2020 – 4 improved pole anchors providing even greater stability to the sunshade – EVEN in Windy Conditions as well as easier one-person set-up.Aluminum Mini Shovel – New summer 2020 – our new branded aluminum mini shovel makes it a cinch to dig wet sand out, as well as shoveling sand into the 4 sandbags. Your kids will enjoy helping filling them up.2 Towel Hooks – New summer 2020 – we added a couple of towel hooks which easily attach to the poles. Hang your towel, clothes or even a speaker.4 Sand Bag Anchors – Easy to fill, and connected by strong ropes to canopy corners. Large Canopy Sand bags have 50% more capacity for sand providing improved support!4 “bungee” elastic cords – New 2020 – dual function – affix the canopy fabric to the pole & attach folded pole for storage4 Tent Pegs – Provides extra stability and support for your canopy tent.UPF50 UV Sun Protection – This is equivalent to screening out 98% of direct UV Sunlight. All 8 fabrics (8 colors) tested in external laboratory providing better than UPF50 rating!Spacy Waterproof Carry Bag with Handles – The zippered carry bag fits everything inside for easy carrying!

Thousands of Smart Beach Goer’s Are Now Using This!

Choose Your Size & Style!

5 colors out of 8 canopy variations5 colors out of 8 canopy variations

Our medium canopy measures (7’x7′ ft) and fits 3-4 adults, while our extra-large shade (10’x9′ ft) fits 6-7 adults lying down!

Available in 8 bright trendy colors – Black / Grey / Blue / Red / Turquoise / Purple / Orange & Pink (new 2020)

Using the 4 poles our entire canopy area stays at full height.

Our new pole anchor screws add about 4″ of height to the assembled canopy.

The pictures are of the large sunshades.

New May 2020 : get your canopy with 2 of our just released beverage holders bundled together at a discount.

Matching cup holder for your Family Beach Sunshade

clamp on cup holderclamp on cup holder

We offer 16 types of Family Beach Sunshades – 2 sizes (Large and Medium), each in 8 colors (Turquoise, Blue, Grey, Orange, Purple, Red, Black and Pink).

Our Cup Holder fits all these types, as well as all previously sold Red Suricata Beach Shades.

Our Cup Holder comes in one Neutral color – BLACK.

It doesn’t matter if you want to keep your warm cup of coffee or tea, your cold beer of soft drink – both in bottle or in a can – all these beverages fit snugly into the Cup Holder Basket.

The Cup Holder is solidly clamped on to the tent pole at any convenient height and will keep your drink upright.

Pick your canopy and set-it up

canopies and components includedcanopies and components included

Set-up Instructions and Usage Tips for The Best Experience

Assembly of the tent by one person takes about 12-15 minutes. If you’ve got a friend to help it will only take about 8-10 minutes. Lay out the canopy on the ground – stretch it to the max and pull out the empty sandbags as far as possible to form an X shape.Use the mini shovel to fill the sandbags to the brim, stuffing more sand in while pulling the bag shut. If needed, partially or fully bury the sandbags.(Optional) – screw the pole anchors into the sand/ground at about 1’ (1 foot) inside of each of the 4 corners of the outstretched canopy. You should screw it all the way in, until about 2” (2 inches) of the anchor remains above ground. Do not use any tools – only your hands, as the pole anchors can break. This step is not necessary if there are no strong wind conditions.If using the pole anchors, just pop the assembled pole into the anchor all the way in. If not, just use the sharp point at the pole bottom to insert solidly into the ground.Pull the canopy fabric over the pole and position the black plastic ball top about 1.5’ (one and a half feet) ft from the corner.Connect the pole top to the canopy fabric corner by attaching the “bungee” elastic cord tightly over the fabric with the ball underneath and pulling the drawstring.Connect the 2 towel hook to the poles.Clamp each cup holder to the pole by pressing, affixing and releasing. Can be used on one pole or 2.Get a beer, a popsicle, put your sunglasses on and enjoy the beach.


Our shade provides UPF50 protection in the shade – but you should still use sun lotion as it does not protect from secondary emission of UV light (from the sea, sand and other objects).


a) Do not use too much force to place the pole anchors into the ground – They are suitable for sandy beaches/softer ground only.

b) In placing/removing the pole anchors – always screw them in/out – do not push them into the ground directly or pull them out directly.

More features of your Red Suricata Lycra Beach Sunshade

pole sand anchors

pole sand anchors

available in 2 sizes medium and large

available in 2 sizes medium and large

bungee elastic cords

bungee elastic cords

New Unique Custom-Made Pole Sand Anchor Screws

How to make an excellent product even better?

The only issue with our sunshade WAS that it is tricky to set-up and keep out in very windy conditions.

New Release – our sunshade now includes, out of the bag, 4 Red Suricata branded Pole Sand Anchor Screws – these are similar to Beach Umbrella Sand Anchors sold for 10 dollars each – but custom made for our poles.

Just screw the pole anchor all the way into the sand/ground at the pole location about 1’ (1 foot) from corner inside of the fully outstretched canopy – and just pop the pole inside – it’s a cinch. Now our 4 poles will stand tall even before pulling the canopy on top and tightening it.

The entire sunshade, will be tighter, taller and a lot more stable – enjoy the beach and sun – even when it’s windy and the wind shifts.

Warnings: a) only use for sand / soft soil b) always screw/unscrew the pole anchors

Stretch Out with Your Beach Lovin’ Friends

Our Beach Sun Shades come in 2 sizes – Large & Medium

Our Large Size canopy is 10’ X 9’ un-stretched and is suitable for 5-7 outstretched people and many more if seated. It has a spacious interior with 6.6″ ft tall poles and weighs only 9.2 lbs.Our Medium Size canopy is 7’3″ x 7’3″ un-stretched. The shade provided is suitable for up to 4 people lying on beach sofas, mats or towels and a lot more sitting down. The 4 poles are now 6.6″ ft tall and it weighs only 7.5 lbs.

Dual Function Bungee Elastic Cords / Mini Shovel / Towel Hooks

2 New accessories added for summer 2020 edition:

1) Aluminum Mini Shovel – useful both for digging wet sand and for shoveling sand into the sand bag

2) A couple (2) of Towel Hooks – attach to the poles – great for hanging a towel, clothes or a mobile speaker…

3) Our Red Suricata Beach Canopy includes FOUR (4) foldable, uniquely designed poles with a pointed bottom for easy insertion into the ground (or into the pole sand anchor) and a rigid plastic pole top ball.

The folded poles are attached with a Bungee Elastic Cord with Drawstring for easy handling and storage + an extra cord is used with the 4 pole anchors.

The Dual Function Cords are also intended to secure the Pole Top Balls to the ideal position on the tight, stretched canopy fabric to ensure it doesn’t move around and to make the canopy even more sturdy and suitable for windy conditions.

Product contents

Large Lycra sunshade with 4 sandbags, 4 tent poles, 4 pole anchors, 4 tent pegs, 4 bungee straps, mini shovel, 2 towel hooks – all in waterproof carry bag

Medium Lycra sunshade with 4 sandbags, 4 tent poles, 4 pole anchors, 4 tent pegs, 4 bungee straps, mini shovel, 2 towel hooks – all in waterproof carry bag

One Beverage Holder

Set of 4 pole anchors (white)

Large Sand Free Beach Mat with 4 elastic straps – all in carry bag

Medium Sand Free Beach Mat with 4 elastic straps – all in carry bag


10′ x 9′

7.3′ x 7.3′

9.2′ x 8.5′

6.6′ x 6.6′





9.2 lbs

7.5 lbs

0.4 lbs

0.6 lbs

3.6 lbs

2.2 lbs

Suitable for:

5-7 adults

1-4 adults

1 cup or 1 bottle or 1 can

5-7 adults

1-4 adults


Large sunshade canopy with 4 poles. 4 pole anchors are included.

Medium sunshade canopy with 4 poles. 4 pole anchors are included.

Beverage holder with clamp on attachment to canopy pole

4 EXTRA pole anchors for family sunshade canopy (included in basic product)

Large Sand Free Beach Mat attaches and matches large sunshade

Medium Sand Free Beach Mat attaches and matches medium sunshade

Accessory for:

Large or Medium Sunshade

Large or Medium Sunshade

Large Sunshade

Medium Sunshade

SIT IN TOTAL COMFORT IN THE BIGGEST SHADE AREA ➤ Every other sunshade tarp only comes with 2 poles. Red Suricata offers a FULL HEIGHT CANOPY that includes FOUR TALL POLES increasing the shaded area by 50%! The medium beach tent fits 3-4 adults lying down, and our large beach canopy tent fits 6-7 adults lying down.
LIGHTWEIGHT HI TECH ALUMINUM POLES ➤ Red Suricata is the ONLY company that has TALL aluminum poles with a pointed stake at the bottom, so you can stick them straight into the sand or ground. Our “patent pending” poles are colored, foldable, lightweight, and rustproof! Plus, the top of the pole has a robust plastic ball that WON’T rip the fabric. New: aluminum mini shovel and 2 towel hooks included.
SUITABLE FOR ONE CUP, BOTTLE or CAN – the beverage holder (2 of them included) was designed to perfectly fit on our tent poles – now your stay at the beach is just that more fun. It is made of rust free stainless steel and tear proof nylon. It is rated for weights of up to 5lbs – your bottle, can or coffee mug will fit in snuggly.
NOW IMPROVED DESIGN TO SUSTAIN EVEN STRONGER WIND CONDITIONS ➤ A Set of 4 New Custom designed Pole Anchor Screws are now included in our Sunshade for Beach! These provide a more rigid structure to the canopy and make it easier to install (screw the pole anchors into the ground, pop the poles in). The Shade is able to sustain stronger winds. The Pole Anchor Screws also add about 4” (4 inches) of height to the Shade. The BEST Family Beach Sunshade has become even BETTER.
USE FOR YEARS OF FAMILY FUN, BEACH TRIPS & OUTDOOR ADVENTURES ➤ Our portable beach canopy is Extremely Durable! Our fabric has a UPF50 UV rating – screening 98% of UV radiation. Thousands of families are using this beach sun shelter to keep their kids safe, happy and out of the sun! It comes packed in a waterproof carry bag with a zipper and weighs only 7.5lbs so you can sling it over your shoulder and take it anywhere – it fits in a suitcase and even a carry-on trolley for air travel.

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Red Suricata Family Beach Sunshade & 2 Beverage Holders Bundle – Sun Shade Canopy | UPF50 UV Protection | Tent with 4 Aluminum Poles & 4 Pole Anchors (Medium, Turquoise)

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